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Originaly formed in 1992 and officially incorporated in 1999, Centro CHA has been the community’s leading non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement and advancement of Latino/Hispanic. Through our various services, initiatives, and programs Centro CHA has played an integral role in the improvement of social and economic development and continues to be a beacon of hope to the community.

Our integrated approach is what differentiates us from other organizations and allows the people Centro CHA serves to have access to more than the single service or program they initially came for. Centro CHA is seen by its members as a familiar and trusting partner and has created long-term relationships with the people it serves. While our services are ever-changing to properly reflect the needs of our community, our core mission remains the same.

With the work of our team, community leaders, and each other Centro CHA envisions a thriving space where investments for low-income environments are a priority, residents are connected and civically engaged, unemployment is low and there is an abundance of readily available resources and housing.

Centro CHA is proudly located in the densely populated Hispanic/Latino city of Long Beach, CA.

Welcome to El Centro, you’re already family.

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Connecting to our community is at the core of Centro CHA.