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Immigration Integration Initiatives

Centro CHA has prioritized the rights of immigrants since its founding. Committed to providing immigrant integration services to the Greater Long Beach community, Centro CHA has established a wraparound support system that touches on all of the major needs of the immigration journey.

From the start, the client is paired with a case manager who will work with them directly to assess their needs and design the best path forward. Navigating through immigration documents can be daunting and intimidating and case managers work to demystify the process and ensure they receive the proper roadmap to success.

Centro CHA also provides presentations, consultations, and training to community members and stakeholders about the naturalization process of becoming a United States Citizen.  

Currently, Centro CHA does not have legal counsel on staff but has established strong relationships with immigration lawyers that have a deep understanding of the community and their needs. 

Application assistance services are provided through monthly large-scale workshops, as well as via individual appointments during office hours.

The Centro CHA team is here to answer questions and on financial obligations and in certain cases can provide financial support or fee waiver if applicable.


  • ESL & Civics Classes

ESL & Civics Classes

Once the applicant has gone through the process and is ready to be interviewed, Centro CHA works with these individuals to properly prepare them. These cohorts are often taught by professors or professionals in the field including some from a trust Centro CHA partner, Cerritos Community College. 

Centro CHA is a proud member of the Immigration Integration Task Force- a Los Angeles-based network of immigrant-rights organizations—that is spearheaded by the California Community Foundation, and NALEO Educational Fund (National Association of Latino Elected Officials).